Okay, so it’s been more than 10 days since I downloaded and started using the Headspace App, and my review and thoughts are long overdue…

The idea with Headspace is to use the app everyday and build on the knowledge from the day before.  There are animated videos that pop up every couple days that explain what you should focus on for that day meditating. They are pretty short and to the point, and pretty informative, assuming you are starting from the beginning (like myself) and don’t really know what to do.  Each day the same soothing voice comes on and leads you through the practice for the day. Each practice ends with a great quote to use throughout the rest of your day.

It’s been a few weeks of inconsistent use of the app but I feel a little more at peace with myself (placebo effect?) but this could be due to a few other lifestyle changes I’ve recently incorporated. Either way, the beginner practices are only 10 minutes and if it really is helping me (placebo or not…) then why not keep at it?

I feel like I have definitely improved my skill/technique since day one, but I obviously have a lot more to learn.  Still to this day I am not able to keep my eyes shut for the whole 10 minutes, but maybe I just need to set better intentions when I start. I also tried using the app during different times of the day, and found that I had best results remembering to do the practice when I incorporated it into my morning routine. I am happy to say that I hit my 5th day in a row after incorporating it into my mornings.  I haven’t paid attention to if I am less stressed at work or difficult situations in particular. Maybe I need to be more conscious about sticky situations with people and my job and physically make myself regroup by breathing and becoming present to my situations. Or maybe this skill will subconsciously sneak in, through consistent meditation.

Overall, I’ve noticed a positive trend in my life but again, that maybe due to other lifestyle changes I’ve made the past couple weeks. And who knows, maybe using the app subconsciously influenced me to make those changes… But either way, I will continue to use the app as much as I can over the next year and hopefully see all the benefits everyone says comes with meditation practice.

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