Becoming a Minimalist: Unsubscribing

I really loved when Gmail added the tabs feature for emails.  I loved that all of the promotional content was shuffled over to another tab where I didn’t have to see it or get notified that it had arrived in my inbox.

I’m a little OCD about my email and hate when my phone has an unread notification so I was pretty good at clearing out those “promotional” emails daily before the tab feature.  I never really noticed how many I cleared out each day.  Pushing all of those emails into a new tab showed me that I had subscribed to way too many things over the years. I quickly noticed that when the emails were separated I started to ignore the promotions unless I was looking for something specific.  I realized that I was getting 50+ promotional emails EVERY DAY!

Today I decided to UNSUBSCRIBE from everything that I possible can.  I know it takes a couple days to be removed but I’m hoping to only get a couple of those promotional emails (mostly my daily quotes from SUCCESS) each day now.  As a self proclaimed minimalist, I am no longer looking for any clothes unless I really need them, so I can unsubscribe from all the clothing stores (which happen to be the bulk of those promotional emails).

Do you really want to unsubscribe? HECK YES!

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